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Private Jet Charter

Let’s Fly offers you an airplane adapted to the displacement, the number of passengers and the budget of the mission.Let’s Fly offers you a top-class service in the private jet rental in Cannes and departing from all the airports of the planet. Luxury, tranquility and speed Julie Bianchini, a private jet manager and Nathalia Bekton, operations manager, offer you a personalized service for each of your trips. Shareholders and highly involved in the company, Julie Bianchini and Nathalia Bekton also have solid experience in business aviation and airline. They are also very experienced in the business jets business. Both sales managers and operations for the technical part, Julie Bianchini and Nathalia Bekton prepare all actions upstream of the flight, booking slots, ie tracks at the various airports and contact crews on the spot to offer you a high quality private jet. The prime objective of the Let’s Fly Cannes Mandelieu team is to maximize your time and budget. Professional or leisure travel, the private jet service of Let’s Fly based in Cannes Mandelieu treats all its customers as VIPs. Here, you will travel differently on new lines. Cannes-Geneva, London, Moscow, Baku or Nice-Chicago or Montevideo are all trips to take on a private jet to land on the runways of these very special airports

  • Julie Bianchini
    Julie Bianchini Private Jet manager (service broker)

    +33 (0)6 12 42 61 92

  • Nathalia Bekton
    Nathalia Bekton Chief operating officer (based aircraft)

    +33 (0)6 78 85 87 80

Our Citation XL based in Cannes

Management and Chartering

We offer you a Citation Excel jet that we manage from A to Z. Managed by Julie Bianchini, the Broker service of Let’s Fly offers you the best private jets that exist on the market. Starting at any point in the world, a private jet is specially chartered in 2 hours on average after your first call. With more than 10 years of experience in aeronautics, Julie Bianchini has an important network in the private jet business. It does everything it can to offer you the choice between 2 or 3 private jets. Among the types of private jets available in the American manufacturer Cessna range: the Citation Mustang or the Citation JET CJ3, very light business jets, and the Citation XL / XLS, a turbojet business jet. Also, a Falcon 7X, a high-end French business aircraft built by Dassault, and a G650, twin-engine jet of the manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace.

Other department, the Service Charter of Let’s Fly Cannes Mandelieu is administered by Nathalia Bekton. Thanks to the availability of its Citation Excel jet based in Cannes, you have the possibility to travel on a turbojet engine built in the United States by Cessna Aircraft Company. Available from Cannes Mandelieu airport, this plane is one of the world’s best-selling planes and will take you to the small intimate airports of the world. Its capacity of 7 passengers will allow you to make a personal flight with your loved ones for a leisure destination or with your collaborators for a business trip.

Our premium services

For any flight made with our Let’s Fly aircraft, we offer you a personalized service and a Purple Box in collaboration with our official partners. VIP service is available to all Let’s Fly customers. The Broker or Charter team anticipates the needs and desires of its clients before each private jet from Cannes Mandelieu or elsewhere. Throughout the journey, the dedicated Let’s Fly team knows its customers and their preferences. Whether on a business or leisure trip, the private jet service of Let’s Fly is available 24/7 in French, English or German. The team also offers its loyal customers a special attention before each departure planned aboard the Citation Excel. This is in the form of a Purple Box, a small purple box made in collaboration with the official partners of Let’s Fly and handed over to loyal customers by the captain of the jet before departure. The renowned partners of Let’s Fly Cannes Mandelieu are RC-Aeropassion, Mas Candille, Nautors Swan, Old Course Golf, Jaguar, Mapauto and Land-Rover. Premium travelers are offered a jewel, one night in a 5-star hotel, at the Mas Candille in Mougins, a luxurious candle, a purple leather card holder by Norah Oyam, a major French accessory brand, a powerbank the Let’s Fly logo and an external battery that has the ability to charge smartphones and tablets in nomadic mode. Pleasure items offered by Let’s Fly and its partners before each flight. A little more that makes the difference and gives the Let’s Fly team the opportunity to thank their customers for their loyalty.


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