Trial lesson and panoramic flights

Trial Lesson

Do you want to fly a helicopter? A gift to offer or for yourself

A great way to try your hand at flying helicopters for the first time.

Discover a turbine helicopter flight and take control of this aircraft for an unforgettable trip over the Mediterranean coast. For twenty minutes or more if you wish, you will have the opportunity to fly the legendary American helicopter Bell 206. You also have the possibility to take a person of your choice with you.

Before each flight, you are greeted by one of our professional pilot instructors at Let’s Fly. When you arrive, you begin with a fifteen minute briefing. The objective here is to learn in a schematic and simple way in which a helicopter is built, its blades, its controls and how it flies. The instructor will be responsible for taking off the helicopter. Then you take control. You complete the flight with your instructor and fully discover the flying sensations of a helicopter. During the flight, you can again leave the commands to your instructor so that you can take pictures to immortalize this magic moment and share a moment of unforgettable happiness with your guest.

The trial lesson takes place all year round, in good weather during summer and winter. To make you happy, or to please your friends, the trial lesson offered by Let’s Fly start at €280 for about 20 minutes.


Starting from 280 euro in Bell 206 and from 500 euro in AS350

Panoramic flights

Come and discover our region flying over exceptional panoramas in all safety during a flight with friends, family or colleagues.

Several formulas are offered from Cannes Mandelieu Airport:

  • 20 minutes: Flight over the Bay of Cannes and the islands of Lérins
  • 30 minutes: Flight over the islands of Lérins and the Esterel
  • 40 minutes: Flight over the Esterel and the region of St Tropez or overview of Iles de Lérins, Bay of Nice, Monaco, La Turbie

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