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Our Professional Helicopter Training

Let’s Fly allows you to share your passion of the helicopter thanks to it’s established base in Cannes. With our instructors, you can prepare your private or commercial helicopter pilot licence, a new type rating, night qualification or confined area course.


Professional helicopter pilot

Open a professional career with our helicopter
pilot training on turbine with Let’s Fly
in Cannes Mandelieu


Private Pilot Helicopter

Thanks to the instructors and the experience of Let’s Flyer,

you will be able to prepare your European License
of Pilot Private Helicopter (PPL-H)

Complementary Training

Convert your National TT(H) Licence into a valid European PPL(H) Licence. Renew your type rating (TR) on: Bell 206, A109, AS350, AS355, EC130. You are led to land in confined areas or fly at night ? Obtain your qualification with one of our instructors.

Trial Lesson

Come introduce yourself to helicopter piloting with an instructor,
for an initiation flight from 275 euros,
and take orders …

Professional Helicopter Pilot

Your professional training as a turbine helicopter pilot takes place either on board a Bell 206 or aboard the AS350 Ecureuil. In double order and alongside Cédric Bianchini, a European exam instructor with 15 years of experience as a trainer, you will benefit from tailor-made accompaniment. This instructor has 5500 hours of flying experience, including 2 years of professional helicopter pilot experience in Africa and Paris-Dakar. It is therefore perfectly able to give you the necessary keys to obtain your license. Your apprenticeship includes theoretical lessons on the Bell 206 turbine, one of the best-selling helicopters in the world, or on board the Let’s Fly in Cannes Mandelieu, and 35 hours of flight time preceded by briefings of the AS350 Ecureuil, built by Airbus Helicopters, which operated in Vietnam in particular.

Private helicopter pilot

Whether it is a simple passion or a future professional career, Private Pilot Helicopter training is one of the key steps that paves the way for the world of helicopter pilots. A special universe where you can travel any time of the day in the whole world accompanied by your family, your friends or your collaborators. Professional Private Pilot Turbine Helicopter Training provided by a seasoned professional instructor allows you to get your Private Pilot License in 6 months to 1 year on average. Once the final exam is passed, this license is valid for life. It allows you to fly one of the two turbine helicopters offered during your hands-on training, the legendary American Bell 206 or the European AS350 Ecureuil, a lightweight, versatile helicopter. In addition, a flight test, a kind of reminder stitch, is to be carried out every year on each of the aircraft you want to pilot.

Additional training

Reserved for holders of a Private and Professional Pilot License, Type Qualifications (QT) are ensured by an experienced professional instructor pilot from Let’s Fly, departing from the Cannes Mandelieu airport. These are special authorizations valid for 1 year which allow each pilot to renew his qualification on his training device or to fly on a different aircraft. Let’s Fly offers pilots 5 Type Qualifications, namely, on the Bell 206, A109, AS350, AS355, or EC130. To obtain a Type Rating it is necessary to count on average 5 hours of training at Let’s Fly before having the right to change helicopter. In addition, Let’s Fly offers helicopter pilots the opportunity to specialize and expand their skills, from night flying to narrow-zone piloting and fire-fighting. With its many complementary professional trainings, Let’s Fly is a school that knows how to adapt to each of its students.

Initiation flights

On board a helicopter very famous and present in many American series and films, the Bell 206 turbine, Let’s Fly welcomes you for a unique and unforgettable journey. Here you are the actor of your first flight of initiation. To begin the initiation, you will follow a theoretical brief before flight in the classroom with a pilot instructor. Its objective is to introduce you to the helicopter as a whole and to simply explain how it works. Then you quickly move on to practice. Accompanied by your instructor and the guest of your choice you board the Bell 206. Controls, dashboard, all important components of the machine are reviewed so you can familiarize yourself with the device. A few minutes later, you fly for a single course in the air of a minimum of 20 minutes. Chills guaranteed.

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