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Our Let’s Fly training school offers you various helicopter trainings starting
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going through to the professional or private pilot licence.

Let’s Fly gives you access to a worldwide fleet of business jets.

With a simple Phone call, Let’s Fly will put at your disposal an aircraft adapted to your routing, passenger count and your budget.

 Helicopter training

Professional Helicopter Training

How is a professional helicopter pilot training at Let’s Fly?

Custom-made helicopter pilot training offered by Let’s Fly takes 35 hours of flight time after your private pilot license and a prerequisite of 150 hours of pilotage. The theoretical and practical courses given by Let’s Fly at Cannes Mandelieu airport open the doors of a future professional career. In total immersion, the training hours are divided into several stages.

From simple navigation between Cannes and Barcelona via complex flight control procedures and emergency landings, the training of helicopter pilot proposed by Let’s Fly is given by a highly qualified instructor. Helicopter pilot for 18 years, Cédric Bianchini, has a total of 5,500 flight hours including 3,000 hours in school. As a European instructor examiner, he is also a seasoned professional pilot and trains future instructors.

Fully available, Cédric Bianchini adapts to the rhythm of each of you and offers you personalized training. Another major asset is the training of a helicopter pilot at Let’s Fly on a turbine helicopter based at Cannes Mandelieu airport. You can drive two types of devices here. The Bell 206, the very famous American helicopter, or the AS350 Ecureuil, developed by Airbus Helicopters. More spacious than a piston helicopter, the turbine helicopter, equipped with a very powerful aeronautical engine, also has an extra passenger space in the passenger compartment.

Thanks to this device, you carry more than 4 people in flight and you also have a luggage compartment. This is not the case for other devices. Your future customers will certainly appreciate being able to travel with extra baggage and not with a simple bag. Thus, the professional license of helicopter pilot to turbine offers you many consequent advantages to emphasize on your CV of future pilot. This license opens the door to a great professional future.

School and initiation flight

You dream of flying a helicopter?
Let’s Fly invites you to realize your childhood dream and realize your passion.

Driving a helicopter in leisure mode to take your family or friends on a trip is quite possible thanks to the training of private helicopter pilot of Let’s Fly located in Cannes Mandelieu. With this training you will benefit from fifty hours of initiation flight accompanied by a European instructor examining instructor rich with a great experience in school and in the professional world in our school of pilot of helicopter. Cédric Bianchini accompanies you in double commands throughout your personalized learning. It trains you on two types of devices: the Bell 206 or the AS350 Ecureuil. Both helicopters are equipped with a turbine engine similar to aviation, which is more powerful than a reciprocating engine. A very important advantage that gives you a pledge of seriousness vis-à-vis helicopter hirers and professionals. The training of private helicopter pilot proposed by Let’s Fly takes place in several stages. First of all you will follow the compulsory theoretical part consisting of 100 hours and the practical part of 50 hours of in-flight piloting. From Cannes Mandelieu airport, your flights are made by the sea at the beginning of the training and then your exercises in flight will evolve on the side of Fayence or the Esterel. Your teacher prepares you to know perfectly the apparatus, the procedures, its piloting and to acquire the license of private European pilot.

How about a baptism in command of a helicopter worthy of the biggest American series?

Let’s Fly Cannes Mandelieu also offers you a unique flight experience. Accompanied by a pilot instructor in double commands, you take here the place of the captain. For about 20 minutes or more if you wish, you will fly over the idyllic islands of Lérins or the majestic massif of L’Esterel. Actor but also spectator you can also take time to appreciate the landscape. For you or the person of your choice, this experience can be shared because 2 people are invited aboard the helicopter.
Private jet rental

Rent a private jet

How to get a private jet ?

Simply by telephone, Let’s Fly responds instantly to your requests 24/24 and 7/7. Whether in French, English or German, let’s fly rent private jet team made up of experts offers you a tailor-made service where every detail has its importance. Let’s Fly is committed to providing you with a personalized service, fast, efficient, price, comfort, catering, assistance, design, builder. A private jet can hold anywhere from four to twenty passengers depending on the size of the craft. Located at Cannes Mandelieu Airport, Let’s Fly is an international company that operates all over the world with a strong network of private jet fleet. The team is also in constant and close collaboration with all airports. Let’s fly has two services to offer you the best charter solution. The first service is its Broker service. With a highly developed international network of contacts, which allows access to a worldwide fleet of private jets, Let’s Fly experts offer you the choice between 2 or 3 types of high-quality aircraft with premium services. Thanks to its Broker service, Let’s fly charter in only 2 hours the private jet adapted to your needs in the shortest time and at the best price. The second most advantageous service of Let’s Fly is the Service Charter. Thanks to its Citation Excel jet based at Cannes Mandelieu airport, Let’s Fly offers an ultra flexible service. You will be able to travel on this turbo-jet aircraft built by Cessna Aircraft Company all over the world. After your first booking call, the Let’s Fly teams make every effort to make your plane available in record time. Because it’s time to travel, travel differently and settle elsewhere, here are the highlights of the private jet services of Let’s Fly.



  • Julie Bianchini
    Julie Bianchini Private Jet manager (service broker)

    +33 (0)6 12 42 61 92

  • Nathalia Bekton
    Nathalia Bekton Chief operating officer (based aircraft)

    +33 (0)6 78 85 87 80

  • Cedric Bianchini
    Cedric Bianchini Helicopter manager

    +33 (0)6 19 89 44 50

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